Live Podcast “Icarus in Heels and Fur”

When: February 22, 6:30 PM

What: Live podcast recording to include local luminaries, February 22, 2024.

Where: 1900 E. 12th Street (NE corner of 12 and Chicon)
As before, we will set our stage in one of the properties once owned by our central character, Vera Barton, in the latest in our series of stories about the Chestnut neighborhood. An incredible woman who inherited and expanded the entertainment corner at 12th and Chicon, until her ambition was cut short. The unsolved murder of Vera Barton will be the subject of an exciting evening of local history and speculation. Our panel will include (and hopefully more as we get confirmations) DA Jose Garza, who helped immeasurably by opening the 1940 DA files on the case, City Manager Natasha Harper-Madison, author Scott Henson, and Mr. Nelson Linder to discuss the incomparable Arthur DeWitty and his role as journalist, civil rights leader and legal advocate in this case.

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Live Podcast “Meet me at Hudspeth’s Corner”

When: Sunday July 23rd, 2pm to 4pm

What: Live podcast recording hosted by Congressman Greg Casar, interviewing the author Scott Henson and various historians. Also former Chair of the Austin Historic Landmark Commission Dr. M.J. Galindo will discuss what makes a historical landmark in Austin Texas and how we best preserve the stories of the real people who built the city and not just the wealthiest homes and business structures. (This event has already occurred.)

Where: Community Garden Wine Bar, 14th and Cedar in the Chestnut Neighborhood of East Austin

Live Podcast “Meet me at Hudspeth’s Corner” Read More »

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